HOW TO: Get Versatility with a Matching Set

Tres Chic Houston Boutique matching dusty green pattern set from Joy Joy

This week’s Feature Friday item is the brand spanking new Dusty Green Matching Set (items sold separately)! As seen on our weekly Instagram segment “Wear it Wednesday”, this item is fresh out of the box. That means you have your pick of the full-size range from XS-XL. Go check it out before they sell out, there is a limited quantity! If you are interested in seeing this Instagram segment follow us on @TresChicHouston and click on the “Wear it Wed!” highlight. 
Both the long sleeve shirt and the maxi skirt are by the local Houston Texas designer Melody Tam! She is based out of Sugar Land and designs under the brand names Joy Joy and Jade (another popular brand Très Chic carries). We continue to purchase from this vendor over and over because of their consistency in stylish, great quality pieces.
This specific set has a subtle, but elegant print that has the perfect transition colors for fall. In addition, the lightweight fabric can work for the hot summer weather or the cool weather of the fall! In the unlikely case that you are not already SOLD on this adorable and versatile matching set, below are some of the different ways it can be styled! 
Outfit 1: Just the Top
Casual Houston Texas Boutique styled outfit
The great thing about buying a matching set is that the clothing items can be worn separately, or just as easily as together. This first outfit is just one of the many ways this flowy lightweight top can be worn alone. These distressed lighwash Kan Can jeans help make this top look much more casual and effortless. If you are not the type of woman who likes rips in jeans, Très Chic has many other jean options to choose from! The light brown crossbody messenger bag helps reinforce the casual aestetic of this outfit. Don’t forget that this shirt could also be paired with a different skirt of your choosing, long or short! Altogether you can look, and feel, like a free spirit in this top no matter what bottoms you decide to pair with it!
Outfit 2: Just the Skirt
Dusty green patterned maxi skirt from Houston boutique
This is another example of how a matching set can be worn separately to increase versatility! This time the dusty green skirt is the key item that this outfit was styled around. This Judy P tank top comes in many colors, many of which would look great with this maxi skirt. The nude/off-white top compliments the light brown tones in this fabric and belt. The rectangular link belt is also a relatively new arrival to the boutique! It can be worn as pictured with the excess links hanging down, for a bohemian look, or the belt can be sized to any waist and then the extra links can be cut off! With this, if you are not a woman who likes a bohemian style, this belt can still work for a more polished look. Lastly, the hammered rectangle dangle earrings complete this outfit because they mirror the shape and hardware of the belt perfectly!
Outfit 3: Matching Set 1
Matching set syled together with purse and necklace from Tres Chic Houston boutique
Wearing a matching set together can be difficult to do multiple times with a lot of versatility. This is where all of Très Chic earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and purses come in handy! The easiest way to pick accessories for this outfit is to choose one or two colors to play off of, creating a very cohesive look without overwhelming the eye, even despite the amount of pattern. The colors for these accessories are gold, brown, and black. Even though there is no black in this pattern, the fact that both of these accessories include black seamlessly adds this color into the outfit. The long necklace combined with the bow detail gives the same effect as layered necklaces. Additionally, the length of the necklace and bag strap complement the elongating effect of the untucked blouse and maxi skirt. This popular crossbody bag also comes in other colors!
Outfit 4: Matching Set 2
Tan belt and crossbody purse from Houston Boutique Tres Chic
Last but not least! This accessory grouping is based on the tan colors in this pattern. This time, the shirt is tucked into the skirt to create a brand new silhouette. The skirt is belted with a faux suede tassel belt. The tassels are mirrored in the top by leaving the tie untied. The tassel belt is a great color match for this crocodile embossed purse! This purse also comes in red, shiny brown, and shiny black! 
There you have it! All the different ways that you can increase the versatility of your matching set! Visit us in-store or online to purchase any of these featured items! Happy Feature Friday! 

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