HOW TO: Style 1 Dress 3 Ways

Feature Friday...
Blue and black and red dress that is perfect for Houston
This week's Feature Friday item is this adorable new arrival! This dress is by Joy Joy and sells at $158. I think everyone can resonate with the struggle of trying to find new ways to style dresses. This is because we cannot change either the top or bottom of the outfit like you could with a shirt or pants. Therefore you may find yourself wearing your dresses in the same way over and over again. This may cause you to get tired of your dresses more quickly and feel as if they are just not versatile. Fortunately, there are a few easy things you can do to help! This includes things you can get right here at Tres Chic Boutique or find in your own closet!
Outfit 1: Pops of color
Add a pop of color to your Tres Chic Dress this summer
This first outfit is picking up on the light blue of the little floral pattern. This creates a unique outfit through accessories. There are so many different ways you could achieve this effect. I am loving a babushka in any summer outfit, so that is the direction I went! You could also include a tilly scarf around your neck or as a purse accessory.
Step 1: Search in-store at Tres Chic, or in your closet, for anything with one of the bright colors in your dress. If your dress is just one plain color you may want to pick different shades of that color, or pick a complementary color. Bonus points if it is a complimenting pattern, like this striped scarf, to add even more interest.
Step 2: Once you have picked the color you're going to accentuate from the dress, find everything else you can in that color. It does not need to be the exact same shade. I picked the fabulous Italian leather bee bag. We have his bag here at Tres Chic boutique in tons of colors. Mini bags like these are really in style right now. I also chose these gold butterfly earrings to match the gold bee emblem.
Outfit 2: Belt-it
Belt your dress from the boutique in Houston Tres Chic
As long as your dress has a seam at your waist this styling will do the trick! Some dresses with no seam may work as well depending on their silhouette.
Step 1: Pick a belt that matches one of the colors, tones, or aesthetics of your dress. I picked this black belt because there is a small amount of black in this dress. The tassels help create a bohemian floral aesthetic.
Step 2: Choose accessories to complete the look. I continued on the tassel motif with a black bag and dangly earrings.
Outfit 2: Layer
Put layers of women's clothing on top or under your dresses from Tres Chic
This is my favorite way to make my dresses look and feel completely different. This can be done so many different ways. Whether the dress is loose or form-fitting, you can layer both over and under. Some examples include unbuttoned flannels, pashminas, leggings, and form-fitting plain tees. If the dress is strapless you can even layer it over a graphic tee and have some of the image peeking out, giving the outfit a real edgy look.
Step 1: Grab a few of your favorite tops, leggings, or tights, and see if you can layer any of them over or under the dress. This dress has puffy sleeves so I had to pick another shirt with large sleeves that could fit the dress sleeves.
Step 2: Once you have landed on your few favorite layering combinations, pick accessories to compliment the new vibe of the outfit!


Houston Texas top boutique shows you how to stay chic with their new dress


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