SHOPPING GUIDE: Grad Season Edition


If you're following us on Instagram you would have seen Susan introducing me! You would have also seen all of these perfect graduation looks on our entertaining weekly installment "WEAR IT WEDNESDAY"! But don't worry I'll be going over all of that in this week's newsletter. But first, let me tell you a bit about myself...

I graduated from Texas State University with a major in fashion merchandising. I just moved to Houston in January and I am loving it so far, way better than Austin! I would say my style words are preppy, edgy, and boho. I love styling and will be at Tres Chic full-time now if you need a friend to give you their opinion while you shop! I'm excited to meet you all in person!




Classic White Tres Chic Dress for Graduation

This adorable dress also comes in baby blue and blush $62. 

These 2022 earrings come in silver and gold $18.

This outfit is for the sweet and girly graduate. She will enjoy how breathable it is in the hot Texas sun. This is speaking from personal experience. It was hot as heck out there when we were filming Wear it Wednesday! And it's only going to get worse from here--oof. Thankfully Tres Chic has tons of cool and comfortable options for all tastes and ages! Visit us in-store Tuesday through Friday anytime from 10 am-6 pm or Saturday 10-4! Or follow along on Instagram to see more warm weather options!

And of course, we couldn't have a graduation outfit without some 2022 graduate-themed jewelry!


 Susan Handcock owner of tres chic in Houston Texas

This A-line linen dress also comes in black and can be worn unbuttoned $125

earring and a scarf from the local Houston boutique Tres Chic

We have tons more scarf colors and sizes anywhere from $18-$58

These earrings really help pull together the fun colors $18

As many of you know Susan broke her arm a few weeks ago :(

Thankfully she is not letting it get her down! She's still running the store and helping style her customers-- all while still looking stylish herself. Here she had the genius idea to use a scarf in place of a sling, and it worked great!



Instagram expert/stylist at Tres Chic Houston wears a white button up shirt as a dress

This bright white dress is actually a dress shirt but it's long enough to function as both $138

These earrings pull together the black and white theme $28

 Here I am personifying the art students' graduation outfit of choice! Although I wasn't much different from this student when I was in school! I love being creative with the utility of clothing pieces. For example, this dress shirt can be worn in so many different ways, for so many different outfits. It could be worn open with a sleek black catsuit under. It could be worn around the waist to create a cinched waist on a dress. It could be worn as intended as a shirt half-tucked into a pair of tailored pants.

This stunning lunchbox purse has the same level of versatility because the lenses double as a mirror! And the price is right at $68



Tres Chic reversible collar and cowl neck shirt

These Lysse pants come in lots of different colors and materials $88

his Italian leather minibag is totally in style right now and it's the perfect size for all the essentials. It also comes with a long chain strap $92

Yet another versatile piece... I'm purposely wearing it backward--whoops. I wanted a more preppy look to celebrate my graduation and the collar on this shirt did the trick! The back is a cowl neck that flows beautifully because of the silk-like fabric this shirt is made out of. We have tons of shirts in this amazing fabric in different colors and silhouettes. And this one is only $42!



UT leather gift bag at Tres Chic Houston

This is a beautiful gift bag specially tailored for our UT Longhorn students! For a full look inside checkout our Instagram:




Highschool gift ideas at Tres Chic

This gift bag was a more general graduation package that anyone would enjoy! Who doesn't love candles, sunnies, and accessories!

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