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pink rollasole ankle straps with gold clasp
pink rollasole ankle straps with gold clasp

Ankle Strap Flat- Rollasole

Regular price$32.00

-The pink flats have a gold adjustable bucket on the strap

- Every pair comes with a high heel carry bag 

- All deluxe pairs can be folded but can also be worn for everyday use 


Whether you’re a small, medium or a large, each Rollasole is lovingly designed to fit snug on every foot. All deluxe styles with a heel will include a free heel pad to customise your perfect fit.

If in any doubt, always choose a size up.

Small: 5.5-6.5

Med: 7.5-8.5

Large: 9.5-10.5

What do you get with every pair?

- A foldable pair of award winning Rollasole shoes!

- A compact high heel carrying bag to keep your heels in

- A Rollasole Heel Pad to allow for extra comfort and the perfect feet

5 reasons you need them in your life:

1) You can wear them all day every day

2) Great for nights out

3) Perfect for the office

4) Space saver in your suitcase on vacation

5) Keep them in your glove box for driving


Call or text: (832) 610-8838

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